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  • The world's richest award for a single work of fiction is US $ 115,000/-. It is called the International IMPAC literature award.
          Translations of fiction are also eligible for the award.
    Full Details of the procedures , rules and conditions of the award can be found on their Website at

  • KATHA, New Delhi publishes and awards translations of Indian literature.
    URL :
    Fax : 91-011-6514373
    Phone : 91-011-6868193, 6521752, 6524350, 6524511

  • Sahitya Academi, New Delhi commissions and awards translations of literature annually as do most state Sahitya Akademies.

  • The Super Pen is a unique product embodying the functionalities of WizCom's two second-generation products, Quicktionary II and QuickLink Pen, at a greatly discounted price.

    What is the Super Pen? It is the leading portable, optical scanner, which enables users to scan a full line of text and see the instant translation of each individual word. It can store up to 1000 pages of printed text, including numerous small images. This data can then be transmitted to the user's PC, laptop, PDA or text-enabled cellular phone.

    2 way dictionaries included are: Spanish-Eng, French-Eng, German-Eng, Italian-Eng, Portuguese-Eng, German-French, English-Turkish. 1 way dictionaries: (English to) Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic, Czech, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish and Greek.

    What's more, the Super Pen is upgradeable - the whole idea of the SuperPen is that you are essentially receiving a product with a lot of open memory and users are welcome to download any databases they want for free. This makes the product very flexible. Click here to see a list of some of the free extra dictionaries you can download.

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