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The Center of Advanced Study (CAS) in Linguistics at Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, offers the following courses related to Translation Studies:

  1. Full time Course - Postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics and Translation

  2. Part time Course - P.G. Diploma in Translation Studies.

1. M.A in Applied Linguistics and Translation:     
Duration : One Acadamic Year.
Hours of Instruction: : 8 hours per week.
Mode: : Regular classroom education.
Course Fees: : Rs. 1750/ (for two years).
Eligibility Criteria: : Any UG degree.
Whom to contact for information: : The Registrar, Annamalai University.
Tamil Nadu, India
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies:     
Duration: : one Academic Year.
Hours of Instruction: : 8 hours per week.
Mode: : Regular classroom education.
Course Fees: : Rs. 1500/ (for one year).
Eligibility Criteria : P.G. Students, Research Scholars, Final year UG
Students and Faculty Members of Annamalai
University are eligible.
Whom to contact for information: : The Registrar, Annamalai University.
Tamil Nadu, India

The Dept. of Translation, Kannada University at Hampi, Karnataka, offers the following Translation courses:

  1. Post-graduate Diploma in Translation Studies.

  2. Ph.D. program.

  3. M.Phil. Program.

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies:     
Duration : One Year.
Mode : Distance education with a contact programme of
Ten days
Course Structure : The Course consists of four papers and a
Compulsory Papers (two):
1. Translation Studies: Theories and Debates.
2. India, Multilingualism, Translation.
Optional Papers (two out of four)
1. Media and Translation.
2. Literary translation.
3. Social Sciences and Translation.
4. Science, Technology and translation and
A dissertation and an analysis of the same (25- 40 pages).
Applications are available now:
For application and information on course and fee
structure send Demand Draft worth Rs. 30 in the
name of Finance Officer, Kannada University-
HampiLast Date for registration: 30th October
Fees : Application Fee: Rs.30/(to be invited in the
month of August every year).
Application processing fee: Rs.500/
Course fee: Rs.1000/
Contact Program fee: Rs.500/
Examination fee: Rs.500
Admission every year in August and September.
Eligibility Criteria: : Any graduate degree and knowledge of two or
more languages, including Kannada.

Whom to contact for information: : V.B. Tharakeshwar
Course Coordinator,
Department of Translations,
Kannada University - Hampi,
Vidyaranya, Hospet,
Karnaraka - 583276

For admission and application contact:
Center for Distance Education,
Kannada University - Hampi
Vidyranya, Hospet,
Karnataka - 583276.
2. Ph.D. program:     
Duration: : 4 years, both full time and part time.
Fee : Application fee: Rs.100/
Application processing fee (payable by
Demand Draft) while submitting the
application: Rs.100/
Temporary registration fee: Rs.500/
Tuition fee for the first semester: Rs.750/
Eligibility Criteria: : Any Post-graduate degree with
a minimum of 55% marks with the
knowledge of two or more languages,
including Kannada. Exemption of
minimum marks to SC/ST students
according to the rules and regulation
Preference will be given to those who
have M.Phil. and/or Junior Research
Selection Procedure : Applications will be invited in the month of
May every year. An Entrance Exam and interview will be
conducted to assess the students, based
on which the candidates will be selected.
Whom to contact for information: : Director,
Kannada University - Hampi,
Hospet, Karnataka - 583276
3. M.Phil. Program:     
Duration : One year comprising a three months course and a dissertation.
Fee : Application fee: Rs.25/
Application processing fee by D.D., at the
time of submitting the application:
Rs.100/ Tuition fee: Rs.1000/
> Examination fee: Rs.1000/
Whom to contact for information: : Director,
Kannada University - Hampi,
Vidyaranya, Hospet, Karnataka - 583276



The Institute of Translation Studies has now launched a postgraduate Diploma in Translation.


Course Structure

1.      Duration: Two years from the date of enrollment.

2.      Method of Education: Distance Education.

3.      Source Language: English

4.      Target Language: Any Indian Language.

5.      Course Content:  The Course material consists of practice assignments divided into NINE parts.  These practice assignments are arranged in a progressively difficult sequential order.  The candidates are expected to complete each of the parts with in the allotted time frame and send the same to the institute.  The Institute would be evaluating the work done by the translator and advise the candidates accordingly.


Course Content.

         I.            Reading material on the subject of translation.

       II.            Practice Assignments:

1.    Translation of simple passages.

2.    Translation of conversational English

3.    Translation of Administrative Correspondence.

4.    Translation of Idioms

5.    Translation of Legal passages.

6.    Translation of Literary passages.

7.    Translation of passages from Kannada to English.

8.    Validation of Translations.


Scope for the Course

This course is ideal for those who intend taking this activity as a serious avocation either as a part timer/freelancer or as a fulltime professional.

This course requires serious attention by the candidate who is ready to devote atleast one-two hours a day, in a disciplined manner.

This course enables the candidate to undertake varieties of translations with ease and hence increase the earning potential of the candidates.






1.      Name:                                                                     2.   Age       yrs

3.      Address




4.      e-mail                                                                     5.  Phone/Fax

6.  Qualifications                                                             7. Occupation.

8.Title of the Course.

1.      Choice of Languages.


Source Language

Target Language







2.      Details of fees paid

DD/Chq No. _______________ dated ________ payable on _____________________________________ (bank) for Rs. _______.

Chqs/DDs to be drawn in favour of Institute of Translation Studies, payable at Bangalore.




Institute of Translation Studies Invites translators of all Languages to join its panel.




      1. Name                                                                      2. Age……..yrs

      3. Address




      4. e-Mail                                                                     5. Phone/Fax

      6. Qualification                                                              7. Occupation


      8. Translating Ability

           (Please enclose a sample

           of translation executed by you)         

Source Language

Target Language






        9. Any other information you would like to provide








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