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Call for Papers

1) Title : Fourth Biannual Conference of the
American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association
“Meeting at the Border: Profile of the Language Mediator”

April 3-5, 2008
University of Texas at El Paso

The American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA) invites you to attend the
fourth ATISA Conference, “Meeting at the Border: Profile of the Language Mediator.” The conference
will be held at the University of Texas-El Paso April 3-5, 2008.
ATISA encourages, supports, and furthers the study of translation and interpreting studies by
disseminating knowledge and research relevant to all areas of language mediation, specifically translation
and interpreting, regardless of discipline. "Translation and interpreting studies" here means the study of
all forms of communication between languages, including translation, interpreting, localization, bilingual
text revision, cross-cultural communication, and the various specializations, tools, and technologies
involved in such activities. Presentations focusing on the act of communicating between human languages
from a wide range of disciplines and methodologies, including translation studies, interpretation studies,
applied linguistics, cognitive science, cultural studies, ethnology, sociology, anthropology, education, and
other social sciences are welcomed. Presentations must follow the standards of scholarship of their
respective disciplines, and they must show the connection of their work to translation and interpreting
ATISA IV will be held in the world's largest binational, bicultural, and bilingual metropolitan
areas, El Paso-Cd. Juárez. It is an ideal location for the dissemination of information on intercultural
communication. You will have the opportunity to network with translation and interpreting scholars and
educators from the Borderlands, Texas, and from across the nation and world.
Translation and interpreting scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers. The focus of the
meeting is the acquisition and development of the language mediator's skills set. However, presentations
on all aspects of translation and interpreting studies are welcome. Papers will be divided into sections on
teaching and learning, theory, and research. Presentations will be 20 minutes in length, followed by
discussion. The deadline for receipt of proposals is October 31, 2007.
proposals to: Dr. Holly E. Jacobson, conference organizer
Tel: (915) 747-7044 (office)
Fax: (915) 747-5292
For more information about the conference, please e-mail your
questions to: ATISA2008@gmail.com

Proposals can also be sent by regular mail to:
Holly E. Jacobson, PhD, UTEP, Languages and Linguistics, Liberal Art 137, El Paso, Texas 79968-0531

2) Title : CICLing 2008


This conference is the ninth CICLing event. The past CICLing conferences have been very successful



9th International Conference
        on Intelligent Text Processing
        and Computational Linguistics

        February 17-23, 2008;
        Haifa, Israel


        LNCS: Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science,
        IEEE CS Press volume (anticipated),
        RCS: Journal "Research in Computing Science"

        Ido Dagan, Alon Lavie, Kemal Oflazer,
        more to be announced (see webpage soon).

        Jerusalem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee,
        Bahai Gardens, and much more.

        Best paper, best presentation, best poster.

        October 15: registration of abstract,
        October 25: uploading of full paper
        (contact organizers for a late submission)


     Computational linguistics research:

        Comp. Linguistics theories and formalisms,
        knowledge representation, discourse models,
        comp. morphology, syntax, semantics,
        machine translation, text generation,
        statistical methods, lexical resources;

     Intelligent text processing and applications:

        Information retrieval, question answering,
        information extraction, text mining,
        document categorization and clustering,
        automatic summarization, NL interfaces,

     and all related topics.

See complete CFP and contact on www.CICLing.org/2008


3) Title : Translation Journal


The Translation Journal is a non-profit on-line publication. Access is free of charge, not subject to registration, and no personal information needs to be provided or is captured for access. The Translation Journal is available on-line only. No hard-copy edition is available, but readers may print out articles for personal use or free distribution. No commercial use is allowed. Like major printed periodicals, the Translation Journal has been awarded an International Standard Serial Number, which uniquely identifies it: ISSN 1536-7207. Reference may be made to this number for purposes of academic credit and other legal purposes.

The Translation Journal accepts and welcomes contributions of articles and other suitable material for future issues. In particular, we are interested in

  • Glossaries in any subject in any major language pair; glossaries that are too large for a web page will be made available for download;

  • Dictionary reviews;

  • Software and hardware reviews;

  • Annotated translations;

  • Articles about translation- and translator-related issues;

  • Articles about specific translation problems and approaches in different fields;

  • Legal and regulatory issues faced by translators;

  • Translation as a business;

  • Translators’ activities worldwide

Please submit all contributions as e-mail attachments addressed to gbokor(at)translationjournal(dot)net. Identify your e-mail including the words "Translation Journal" in the subject line, to avoid your message being filtered out by our spam-killer software. The editor is not responsible for lost or delayed e-mails.

Send a short bio and a color photo (preferably in JPEG format) together with your submission. We will not start reviewing/editing submissions that do not come accompanied by these items.


  • Please submit all text in Microsoft Word® or WordPerfect® format.
  • Avoid non-Latin characters and graphic symbols, which cannot be properly displayed with some browser settings.
  • Use tables (not spaces or tabs) for aligning text.
  • Use the bullets/numbering tool (not tabs) for unnumbered or numbered lists of items.
  • Do not use headers, footers, footnotes or endnotes. Instead, "imitate" endnotes by using consecutive numbering as superscripts in the text and with the notes at the end of the article.
  • Do not use text boxes.
  • Do not use tabs for indenting or spacing text.
  • Please submit all graphics in GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or EPS format as separate files. Do not embed graphics in your text file because quality may be lost when extracting and converting images. Do not use Microsoft Word® graphic tools to generate graphics. Do not use .pdf (Adobe Acrobat®) files to submit text or graphics.

Submissions are published at the editor's exclusive discretion. Submissions that do not comply with these guidelines may have their publication delayed and may be rejected.

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