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Panel Discussion

Critiquing Corpus-based Translation Studies (Chaired by Mona Baker)

Michael Barlow (Rice University, USA)
Alignment and Parallel Concordancing Software
Mike Scott (University of Liverpool, UK)
Using Wordsmith Tools in CTS
Saturnino Luz (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Web-based Corpus Software
Programme & Call for Papers

The three-day conference will host plenary lectures, papers, one panel discussion and three hands-on workshops. Papers of 30 minutes each (excluding discussion time) are invited on any aspect of corpus-based translation research, particularly with respect to the following issues:

  • conceptual tools and theoretical frameworks
  • categories and methods of analysis
  • corpus design, compilation and maintenance
  • corpora and stylistic analyses of translations
  • corpora and translation into a foreign language
  • corpora and sub-disciplines of translation studies:
        interpreting, audiovisual translation,
        Bible and religious translation
  • translation corpora and adjacent disciplines:
        lexicography, terminology, contrastive linguistics,
        comparative literature
  •   Top
    Abstracts of 500 words should be sent by 31 May 2002, preferably in electronic format, to:
    Alet Kruger or Kim Wallmach
    Department of Linguistics (Translation Studies)
    University of South Africa
    P O Box 392
    UNISA 0003
    South Africa.
    Fax +27 12-429-3400

    Notification of acceptance will be given by 30 September 2002. To receive the second circular, send your name and mailing details to Alet Kruger or Kim Wallmach at the above address. Selected papers from the conference will be submitted for publication with an academic publisher.
    Localisation Seminars

    Brussels, Belgium, Autumn 2002, Spring 2003

    The Localisation Training Centre (LTC) is offering a first series of 12 seminars presented in English by specialists from leading companies who have been involved in specific localisation tasks.

    Topics include an introduction to Software Development, CAT and Terminology Management, Machine Translation and Software Localisation. More advanced seminars will deal with the Localisation Process, Web Architecture and Localisation, Localising the User Interface, Online Help, Documentation and Graphics. The seminars on Project Management, Technical Writing and Localising for the PDA contribute to a complete coverage of all aspects of the localisation process.

    Localisation Research Centre (LTC) Erasmushogeschool Brussels, Department of Applied Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters, Trierstraat 84, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, 32-2-230 12 60,

    Fax:32-2-230 99 90,,Web:


    NOrth west Translators and Interpreters Society(NOTIS) holds a general meeting every six to eight weeks, which usually features a lecture, discussion, or workshop of general interest to members. In addition, active committees, such as the Literary or Slavic SIG, hold meetings open to all members. At these meetings, members also have the opportunity to talk with fellow members who work in the same language combination or specialty. All NOTIS meetings are open to non-members and members alike.

    NOTIS also sponsors an annual American Translators Association accreditation workshop and examination sitting in the spring.

    Upcoming NOTIS Events
  • International Translators & Interpreters Day Program September 28, 2002, time and venue (Seattle)
       TBD. Information: +1(206) 382-5642 or
       email to
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