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Arabic Translation: Manager, Titan Systems Corporation, VA, USA
University or Organization: Titan Systems Corporation
Rank of Job: Manager
Specialty Areas Required: General Linguistics
Required Language(s): Arabic, Standard (ABV)
Do you speak Arabic?
Do you have a command of its local dialects?
Do you want to know how you may play a global role and forge the path to a higher
economical future for your self?

If you've answered, "YES" to the above, and you would like to find the means to achieve this desired goal; you should read the following:

Titan Systems Corporation is seeking to reinforce its linguistics department by hiring additional Arabic linguists to meet and elevate our activities in the Arabic venue.

Qualified candidates with linguistic abilities in American English, Modern Standard Arabic and the local dialects that are spoken in the Arabic world such as the Middle East, Arabic Gulf States, and northern African continent; are encouraged to contact us on the numbers listed below.

Official Announcement Specification:
Required Qualifications:

  1. Citizenship: candidates must be a US Citizen only, with a valid US passport.
  2. Background: candidates will be subjected to and must pass a government background investigation.
  3. Medical: candidates will undergo a complete physical checkup.
  4. Travel: candidates must be able to travel and accept assignments abroad long and short terms with no exception.
  5. Performance: candidates must possess strong personal and work ethics, and are willing to convey to our respected clients the best company image possible.

  1. Salary:Titan Systems Corporation offers highly competitive starting salaries (based on location), with room for advancement.
  2. Insurance: free and complete, health, vision, and dental and life plans for all qualified candidates. Family plans are available with a minimal monthly fee.
  3. Time Off: scheduled annual vacation time off that increases with longevity.
  4. Bonus: a one thousand dollar recruiting bonus for every new hirer that is recommended for employment by our employees.
  5. Education: continued higher education tuition cost reimbursement. Rolls & Responsibilities:

Our company's linguists play an important active role in this vast field, by providing our clients consisting of government agencies and the US armed forces a working support in many interpreting and translating tasks (oral and written), they also provide a window of knowledge and present a clear and understandable view of the Arabic culture.

Titan Systems Corporation
3877 Fairfax Ridge Rd
Fairfax, VA 22030

1-800-899-6200 Extentions: 6440-8268-6432-8269


Address for Applications:

Attn: Ms Lorenda Flick
OAT Group / Operation Analysis and Tech Training
Titan Systems Corporation
3877 Fairfax Ridge Rd.
OAT Group
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States of America

Position is open until filled.
Contact Information:
Mr. Marc Peltier.
Tel: 1-571-237-3750
Fax: 1-508-636-3899

There is no deadline for this post
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