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E_TRANSLATORS SYSTRAN is the leading provider of the world's most scalable and modular translation architecture. Its core technology powers revolutionary translation solutions for the Internet, PCs and network infrastructures that facilitate communication in 35 language pairs and in 21 specialized domains.
SYSTRAN's Machine Translation (MT) technology integrates multilingual functionalities in information processing and exchanges for applications such as e-commerce, CRM, Content Management, Databases, Corporate Intranets, Email Systems, IM, SMS, WAP, and more. MT enables the creation of dynamic business content at a fraction of the cost of professional human translation services.
SYSTRAN's expertise spans over 30 years of building customized translation solutions for large corporations, portals, ISPs, governments and public administrations through open and robust architectures. To accomplish the task of translating words, phrases, paragraphs and entire web pages from one language into another, access this service. This service supports more than 27 languages, that include English, German, Finnish, French and Danish. At the displayed interface window you will find some input boxes that are to be filled with the relevant data before invoking the translation service. For translating a complete web page, select the option button labeled 'URL' and type in the address of the web page. Now, select the language of the site and the language to which it has to be translated. After providing the necessary inputs, press the 'Translate'. Perhaps you may not get a 100 percent accurate result; still it will be a reasonable comprehensible site. Babylon's single-click information access, translation and conversion software provides users with immediate answers to vital questions, from multisources.
Founded in 1997, Babylon has become a leading provider of information access, translation and conversion software. In February 2001, Babylon changed its business model and started charging for the services that it provides to private users and corporations.
Babylon offers dictionaries in 13 languages, professional glossaries from commercial companies and premium content providers (e.g. CNET News, Britannica, Amazon, Accuweather), and thousands of user contributed glossaries in specific areas of expertise. The company currently has over 17 million registered users, growing at a rate of 20,000 new users a day. This site contains links to various translation tools besides hosting its own service that helps translate terms from one language into another. From this feature-rich site, you can download many translation-related utilities.
One such utility is Xanadu (2.2 MB), a translation wizard. This helps you find the meaning of any word or text in a particular language by invoking a few key combinations. The software, once installed in your machine and invoked, works in the background and it can be brought to the forefront from any Windows application such as MS Word or IE by clicking a few keys together. For example, while typing in Word, if you want to know a particular word's French equivalent, just select the word and press the key combination 'Shift CTrl T' and immediately the program's interface pops up with this word; at this point, you can press the necessary button to get the required output. The program supports more than 60 languages. At Alis, translation entails a form of "rewriting" the source text into a target language. This means that while the content and meaning of the original text are preserved, the sentence structure, idiomatic expressions, etc. are those of the target language. An effective translation will give its readers the impression that they are reading the original text and not a translation. Although effective translation will account for differences in sentence structure or idiomatic expressions, it will not alter the content.

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