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When a translation project is launched, it triggers the following:

  • Needs analysis
  • Methodology
  • Planning
  • Lexicon
  • Pre-translation
  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Proofreading
  • Quality control
  • Deliver
  • Streamlining lexicons and translation memories
  • LIS Translations is a full service language company, which was founded in 1994. LIS Translations has assembled a diverse network of over 3000 highly professional and time-tested linguists. The translators are accredited by the American Translators Association in over 100 languages. Native speakers of the target language are chosen for each project. They combine their linguistics skills with a background in the client's specific industry or field of study. The result is a translation that is accurate, stylistically consistent and feels as though it were originally written in the target language. LIS Translations maintains the lowest prices in the industry. They have been careful to manage growth, ensuring that the resources necessary to complete complex projects are readily available. offers instant, free translations of texts or web pages. is powered by SDL's Enterprise Translation Server, the most powerful automatic translation engine available today. They translate FROM English into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Norwegian. They translate INTO English from French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Each translation can be of a web page or of up to 4 or 5 pages of text. is very fast and completely free. There is no cost or obligation. - Translation Services are provided through the network of affiliate providers of translation, localization and globalization services in over 80 languages and 120 countries. They are able to offer the highest quality service at below market rates by leveraging the latest technology and its vast global network of native speaking linguists and in-country QA professionals.

    Available services include:

    Professional Translation
    Machine Translation
    Multilingual Desktop Publishing

    MUTLIPURPOSE TRANSLATION TOOLS - Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac (see supported platforms).

    Wordfast offers a transparent, open format for all its data, but maintains direct compatibility with Trados 2, 3 & 5 (TM exchange, MultiTerm glossaries, same segmentation), TMX and IBM TM. Excel, PowerPoint, Access files but also tagged documents can be translated. Wordfast connects to MT packages like PowerTranslator™, Systran™, Reverso™ etc.

    Although Wordfast is essentially a translator's tool, it easily integrates in the workflow of translation agencies & large accounts. All this power is packed in a single, compact Word™ template; data can be shared over a lan or over the web.

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