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MUTLIPURPOSE TRANSLATION TOOLS - Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac (see supported platforms).

Wordfast offers a transparent, open format for all its data, but maintains direct compatibility with Trados 2, 3 & 5 (TM exchange, MultiTerm glossaries, same segmentation), TMX and IBM TM. Excel, PowerPoint, Access files but also tagged documents can be translated. Wordfast connects to MT packages like PowerTranslator™, Systran™, Reverso™ etc.

Although Wordfast is essentially a translator's tool, it easily integrates in the workflow of translation agencies & large accounts. All this power is packed in a single, compact Word™ template; data can be shared over a lan or over the web. -This site is a resourceful service that contains many translation tools. This site, apart from providing the facility to translate a word/phrase on-line, hosts many commendable utilities-

One utility that is available for free download is the e-translator, 'Goto-Translate' (203KB), which, after installation, gets attached to the browser. After installing the utility, if you come across a site with a foreign language text, and want to find the meaning of a word, select the word; invoke the 'Goto Translate' utility by pressing the 'right-click' button and access the 'Goto Translate' option.
Another attraction of this site is the free Instant Messenger client that supports multiple languages as the world's first Instant Messenger with immediate language translation. The software helps you translate your messages instantly in over 12 languages. TranslaWeb Pro™, a specific interface for agencies and translators dealing on a regular basis with the localization of web sites, is an offering of Atom eCity.
With TranslaWeb Pro™, providing a quote for your clients' web site becomes a straightforward, one-step process.

Extraction of the entire site
Content filtering based on specific settings
Issuing of a detailed HTML report for the site requiring a quote
Selection of the pages to be translated
Extraction of the site, which is made available on our servers in zip format,
enabling you to work in the best conditions possible.

Many other features are available on TranslaWeb Pro™, you are welcome to explore them by signing up for a free trial version:

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