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Electronic Dictionaries Voycabulary is a powerful web tool which will make words on web pages, or those you type in, into links so you can click on any word to look it up. They provide many different online dictionaries, thesauruses, and word translators. This provides a convenient and speedy way to lookup words without disrupting your normal web browsing.

VoyCabulary leaves the words in their original language, but it makes them each clickable so you can look them up. We've found this is useful for a variety of purposes.

1. Speakers of Foreign Languages: If you know how to read another language, but find yourself wanting to look up the words in your native tongue, run the webpage through VoyCabulary and you can save yourself time, energy, and frustration!
2. Reading Specialized Topics: If you're reading some literature with words you don't know, like when doing Medical research or reading some Legal documents, you may wish to look up words in a specialized dictionary. We provide various dictionaries, and even a special site dedicated to English at - is committed to providing a variety of useful tools for the travelers, students and other interested individuals interested in learning a foreign language. They also provide the user with links to some of the best places on the net already providing some related services.

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