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a)  Translation Journal

The Translation Journal is a publication for translators by translators on translations and translators. It is a non-profit online journal. Access is free of charge, not subject to registration, and no personal information needs to be provided or is captured for access. The Translation Journal is available on-line only. No hard-copy edition is available, but readers may print out articles for personal use or free distribution. No commercial use is allowed. The Translation Journal accepts and welcomes articles and suitable material on

Dictionary reviews.
Annotated translations.
Articles about translations and translator related issues.
Articles about specific translation problems and approaches in different fields etc.

In the latest issue, the journal has articles on Translation Education, Machine Translation, Legal Translation and also book reviews etc. This journal is available at the url of The user will also find the following services and utilities on this site: he can

read in eight languages, about the resources Accurapid has put together over the past 24 years to serve you better.
get factual information about Accurapid and translation in general. This information includes

1. straightforward answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about translation,
2. samples of good, mediocre and bad translations, and
3. ways you, as a translation user, can control the quality of your international communications,
4. price information about your specific project.


b) Two Lines

Two Lines is an annual, delightfully cosmopolitan, print-based journal, publishing original English translations of international literature, with a special focus on the translation process. In each issue of Two Lines, you will find works from around the globe that have been organized around a theme.

Every translation is accompanied by the author's original text and an introduction by the translator, which serves to place the piece in its cultural context and provides new insights into the translator's craft. If you are a translator, this web site also provides theme announcements for upcoming issues, submission guidelines, and a list of translation resources.

Info about the journal is accessible at and its editors at


c) Translation Today

Translation Today is an online journal available at the url of It also has a priced hard edition, published by the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, India. A clearing house of translation talent in India, the journal seeks to stretch the frontiers of the discipline of Translation studies, to trigger a spurt in translation activity especially in India and seeks excellence in the translated word. The Editor P.P.Giridhar PhD invites suitable material for publication in the next issue of the journal.

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