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The institute invites translators to join its panel of resource persons.

Sumcheti Trust

Sumcheti Trust has been involved in translation work for decades with the following results:

  1. It has published Kalidasa's Meghdutam in three volumes with translations in thirty-seven languages of the world, which has gone into Guinness Book of World Records.
  2. It possesses in all, translations of Meghdutam in forty-five languages and it would like to continue publication.
  3. It requires translation of Meghdutam in classical languages like Prakrit, Apbhansh, Pali and others.
  4. It requires translations also in foreign languages like Japanese, Indonesian, African and Arabic.
  5. It can publish Kalidasa's Meghdutam in languages of the SAARC countries as an example of cultural unity of SAARC. It has sent a manuscript to the SAARC Book Development Council whose response is awaited.
  6. It has also published Thomas Gray's 'Elegy in Country Churchyard' with translations in Hindi and English.

The classical Rajasthani ballad Dhola Maru, which is centuries old, is being published with translations in Hindi and English.

The Trust can be reached at


This is a quarterly journal dedicated to direct translations from foreign languages into Marathi, published by Kalasakta, Pune.
It is probably a unique endeavor of this sort. The first issue of Keylane Bhashantar came out in January 1999. The first issue came out with less than 50 subscribers. But the quality of the journal and the sincerity of its editors soon put it in a "must read" list of discerning readers. Since 1999, 14 issues of Keylane Bhashantar have come out.
Literary works, short stories, novelettes, critical essays, one-act plays and poetry from languages like French, German, Russian, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese have been rendered into Marathi through this journal. Each issue of Keylane Bhashantar is woven around a particular theme, which makes each issue a collector's item.
Here is a list of themes that Keylane Bhashantar has focused on: Literature of the World Wars, post-war literature, literature of the 60s and 70s, postcolonialism, postmodernism, ecology and environment, to mention a few. Some of the issues handled translation of one particular literary genre such as novel, biography etc.
There are also regular features like reviews of translated books, recently published, corner reserved for literary classics and a special column delivering information on topics related to specific cultural occurrences that characterize foreign literature. This is a kind of window that looks over alien cultures, habits, idiosyncrasies of various linguistic groups and nature and how all this get reflected in literature.
Though basically dedicated to literary translations, Keylane Bhashantar has paid due attention to literary criticism and theories of translation as well. An innovative experiment was carried out by Keylane Bhashantar, in which two translated versions of the same short story were published with a critical commentary by the editors. The readers were asked to judge the 'correctness' of the translations.
There was an overwhelming response from the readers, where various parameters of 'correctness' were discussed.
Future plans of Keylane Bhashantar include translations from Indian regional languages into Marathi, translations from Marathi into foreign languages and launching a web edition of Keylane Bhashantar.


Beijing Huayi Translation Net

Beijing Huayi Translation Net is a translation company based in Beijing. It supplies high quality translation service. It hopes to have opportunities to supply you with the best translation service. The company is skilled in Chinese translation, especially English-Chinese, Chinese-English, French-Chinese, Chinese-French, German-Chinese, Chinese-German, Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-Japanese, Russian-Chinese, Chinese-Russian, Korean-Chinese and Chinese-Korean translation projects. It has finished many big projects and made many achievements in the translation industry. It has good and long-term relationships with many famous international corporations. For example, China West-East Gas Pipeline Project of PetroChina. It has 8 full time employees and 1500 full time and freelance translators. Its weekly turnout is 250 thousand words and the monthly turnout is 1 million words. Almost all of its translators are professional translators with much experience and good education background. Most of its managers and full-time employees inside the company have a Doctorate degree or a Master's degree in science, law or other specialties.

Its translation business includes the following fields: Medicine and Medical instrument (15%); Computer and IT (15%); Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Engineering (10%); Law (10%)' Economy and Management (10%); Finance and Insurance (5%); Traffic and Railway (5%); Mechanism (5%); Architecture (5%); Culture and People (3%); Geology and Environment Protection (3%); Commerce (2%); Education (2%); Others (10%).

It mainly translates through the traditional way, that is, human or manual translation, and at the same time it uses computer-aided translation software to do translation work. It has many copies of the famous computer-aided translation software, Star Transit and Termstar. Many of its translators and employees can use the software to translate the big projects as it is custom-required. With the software its translation works have higher quality and productivity.

The rates are as follows:
English-Chinese : US$0.045-0.05
Chinese-English : US$0.065-0.08
French-Chinese : US$0.055-0.06
Chinese-French : US$0.065-0.08
German-Chinese : US$0.055-0.06
Chinese-German : US$0.065-0.08
Japanese-Chinese : US$0.035-0.05
Chinese-Japanese : US$0.04-0.06
Russian-Chinese : US$0.03-0.035
Chinese-Russian : US$0.04-0.045
Korean-Chinese : US$0.03-0.035
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