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Post Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies
UNIT 423-8: Translating Selected Scientific Texts I:
Formal and Natural Sciences.
     After reading this unit you may be able to:

     - get acquainted with the concept of science and nature of scientific texts.
     - know the practical problems in translating scientific texts in a broad outline of
     - normal and natural sciences.
     - know the difference between the problems of the translation of scientific texts from other texts.


This unit will have the following structure:

  423.8.1 Introduction
  423.8.2 Concept of Science
  423.8.3 Nature of Scientific Texts
  423.8.4 Necessity of the translation of Scientific Texts
  423.8.5 Practical Problems in the translation of scientific Texts
  423.8.5.1 Basic knowledge of the Subject Matter
  423.8.5.2 Problems of Technical Terminology
  423.8.5.3 Abbreviations and symbols
  423.8.5 Summary
  423.8.6 References

Further Readings

     In this lesson we will try to analyze the practical problems concerning the translation of scientific texts in the broad outline of formal and natural sciences. Before doing so, we will try to clarify the concept of science and nature of scientific texts. Thereafter we will discuss the necessity of translating various scientific texts. Since we cannot take up the task of translating textbooks of science for the purpose of one lesson, such as this we will take few lines / paragraphs from different scientific text and their translations published / referred in books / journals.
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