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" and it could be that the foreign literature they were reading in translation was more of an inspiration to them than the native literature: that it played a more positive role in shaping minds, in creating expectations, setting goals and delineating role models."  D.E Pollard

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Dictionaries are vital decision-aiding tools in translation. They are one of the most essential translation aids. What is the reason? While translating, there might arise such situations where the translator comes across words, the meanings of which he/she either does not know, or is uncertain or confused about. His/her first option is to look up the word in a dictionary, monolingual or bilingual. Most dictionaries not only provide the meaning, thereby clearing up all confusion with regard to its meaning, but also provide exhaustive grammatical information. This helps the translator in a case where he/she does not know the meaning of the word or phrase, to be able to use it in an appropriate grammatical context. Most of the dictionaries include illustrations in each entry. This way, it becomes easier for the translator to have a sound understanding of the meaning and the proper use of words and phrases. It also helps in dispelling any confusion with regard to several meanings of a single word/phrase or between the meanings of several similar-looking or similar-sounding words. Provided below are links to some actual dictionaries, that are part of this site. Dictionaries of other languages and other tools will be put on the Net as soon as they are in available individual languages.

 Hindi-Wagdi-Hindi Student's Dictionary 
 Hindi-Malayalam-Common Vocabulary 
 Hindi-Telugu-Common Vocabulary 
 Hindi-Kashmiri-Common Vocabulary 
 Pictorial Glossary in Konkani 
 Pictorial Glossary in Bengali 
 Pictorial Glossary in Assamese 
 Pictorial Glossary in Kashmiri 
 Pictorial Glossary in Nepali 
 Pictorial Glossary in Kannada 
 Pictorial Glossary in Oriya 
 Western - Assamese Lexicon 
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