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Volume 1, No 2
October 2004
ISSN 0972-8090

A journal for Indian Language translations and translation discourse.

The Editorial Board is pleased to publish the secound issue of Translation Today. This maiden issue features articles, squibs and English Translations by Sridhar and Uma Alladi of Telugu poems. The articles are on a delightfully wide range of topics as the reader can see. The squib by Giridhar throws up a thought about translation for public debate.

Subsequent issues will have other regular features like Reviews, Letters to the Editor, a quick Translation Today search, etc.
General Editorial
Guest Editorial
‘Plagiarizing’ for Bollywood - M.K.Raghavendra
Not Speaking a Language That is Mine - Anjali Gera Roy
How Does Shakespeare Become Sekh pir in Kannada -T.S.Satyanath
Translation as Dissemination: A Note from an Academic and Translator from Bengal - Swati Ganguly
Vernacular Dressing and English Re-dressings: Translating Neel Darpan - Jharna Sanyal
Post-Colonial Translation: Globalising Literature? -Purabi Panwar
Translating the Nation, Translating the Subaltern - Meena Pillai
Translation, Transmutation, Transformation: A Short Reflection on the Indian Kala Tradition - Priyadarshi Patnaik
Translation: A Cultural Slide Show - Hariharan
The Hidden Rhythms and the Tensions of the Subtext: The Problems of Cultural Transference in Translation - Tutun Mukherjee
Of Defining and Redefining an ‘Ideal’ Translator: Problems and Possibilities - Somdatta Mandal
Burning Ground: Singed Souls, a review of theEnglish translation Fire area of Ilyas Ahmed Gaddi’s Urdu novel Fire Area - A.G.Khan
Translation: Where Angels Fear to Tread, review of Rashmi Govind’s English translation, titled The Story of the Loom, of Abdul Bismillah’s Hindi novel Jhini jhini Bini Chadariya - A.G.Khan
Fall, Sudhakar Marathe’s English translation of the Marathi Novel Pachola - Madhavi Apte

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