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Translation Today will be a biannual. It proposes to contribute to and enrich the burgeoning discipline of Translation Studies by publishing essays as well as actual translations from and into Indian languages. Translation Today will feature full-length articles about translation and translator-related issues, squibs which throw up a problem or an analytical puzzle without necessarily providing a solution, review articles and reviews of translations and of books on translation, actual translations, Letters to the Editor, a Quick Translation Today Search and an Index of Translators, Contributors and Authors. It could in the future add new sections like Translators' job market, Translation software market and so on. The problems and puzzles arising out of translation in general, and translation from and into Indian languages in particular, receive greater attention here. However the journal would not limit itself to dealing with issues involving Indian languages alone.

Like grammatical thought which is not new to India, translation as a category of thought is not new to India and the developing countries. Many of these multilingual countries are a translator's dream.

We seek a spurt in translation activity.
We seek to further the frontiers of Translation studies.
We seek excellence in the translated word.

Translation Today welcomes contributions of articles and other suitable material as elucidated above for its issues in the following areas:


Annotated and original translations of all literary genres. Translated excerpts from novels are accepted where they stand on their own.


Glossaries in any subject in any language-pair (Indian Languages TO Indian Languages or Indian Languages TO English or English TO Indian Languages)

3. Specialities in the translation profession: religious, technical, scientific, legal, commercial.
4. Specialities in the interpreting profession: court, conference, medical and community
5. multimedia
6. terminology
7. localization
8. translation and Technology : HAMT, translation memory softwares, translation teaching softwares.

Papers relating translation to society, to culture, to philosophy, to poetics, to aesthetics, to epistemology,

10. translation universals etc. etc.
11. translator pedagogy, translation curriculum, translation syllabus etc.
12. ethics, status, and future of the profession
13. translator-related issues : legal, copyright issues etc.
14. Squibs which are short pieces throwing up an
interesting problem or analytical puzzle.
15. Reviews of translated texts, dictionaries and softwares.
16. Letters to the Editor

Potential contributors are requested to contact Dr P.P.Giridhar on behalf of the Editorial Board as soon possible with a brief summary of their sumission so as to avoid duplication. Articles need to be in English. There's no size limitation on articles except that they may preferably be within 40K to avoid slow loading.

Unpublished contributions are preferred. While submitting pieces already published elsewhere the author must mention the fact as well as get permission to reproduce the same.

Please send your contributions via e-mail to the Editor in the MS Word (6.0) (.doc or .txt) format. Graphics could be in JPEG, GIF, Photoshop or BMP format.

A colour photograph is needed in electronic and hardcopy form. (See for the mailing address under Contact Info). Endnotes, where essential, shall precede bibliography at the end. Superscripted references within the text to endnotes and bibliography may be hyperlinked.


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